Our Approach

Our Homekeeping Recipe:

Together we equal cleaning magic.

1 cleaning standard

A Standard thought out so that our clients can walk into their space knowing every thing is as it should be- because we have been there. A checklist that shows our true dedication to outstanding cleanings.


a comprehensive training program

Our 5 week Homekeeper’s Academy is built around the idea that practice makes perfect. Each Bee goes through orientation days, extensive cleaning trainings, and workshops on everything from customer service to body mechanics and self-care. New Bees work side by side with our Royal Bees to ensure they see every last detail. Time allows for a quality cleaner to blossom. At the end of the program they are a true reflection of our company’s standards.


a killer cleaning staff

Our homekeepers are hard working, well-trained, mature individuals who are truly dedicated to the service we provide. We have high expectations of our cleaning staff and they never cease to amaze us. Click here to Meet the Bees.


a fierce group office women

The heart of the company is in the dedication from our office staff. They are knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and dedicated to the success of Clean Bees. They are like family (and in some cases are actually family). I am very thankful for the work they do. Click here to Meet the Office Bees.


1 owner to top it off

That’s me. I am the luckiest woman alive. I am living my dream-really. I love what I do, the women in my office, the amazing men and women who clean, and our clients who become like family. I have owned Clean Bees since 2001 and there isn’t anything I would rather do. Some would say I’m dedicated, ambitious, friendly, driven, hyper efficient, and a perfectionist. All would agree that I am passionate about the business I run.

  • The training program is rigorous but the trainers are amazing and a great support system. Thanks to the detailed nature of the work, I not only have the knowledge to keep my house spotless but I also gained some great communication and time management skills. Former Bee Holly

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