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Where ever you’re at in the selling process, our Homekeepers know just what it takes to give your listing a competitive edge.

To get it there and keep it there

  1. Request a free consultation
  2. Chat with a consultant to determine if we’re the best match for your clients
  3. Sit back and watch the offers roll in

If the property is vacant:   The Clean Bees Move In/Out Standard

Our Move In/Out Standard has been expertly designed to make for a flawless transition from one tenant to the next. We blend together Essential and Optional Cleaning Tasks to comprehensively clean and polish your vacant property.

Our free consultation allows us to get know each other and will help design a cleaning that fits your needs.

The Essentials & Optional Cleaning Tasks

The Essentials

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Return air vent covers (up high & in floor)
  • Exhaust vent covers & fans
  • Light fixtures: exterior, interior if needed
  • Ceiling fans
  • Blinds
  • Glass: doors (both sides) mirrors, & spot clean interior windows
  • Window tracks, frames, & sills
  • Spot clean walls
  • Light switch plates & outlet covers
  • Railing, banisters, & moulding
  • Doors, frames, & tracks
  • Closets, pantries & shelving
  • Cabinets & drawers: interior & exterior
  • Appliances: (if applicable) behind, under, exterior, & interior
    • Washer, dryer, oven, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave etc.
  • Shower: walls, doors, frames, tracks, grout & fixtures
  • Bathtubs & fixtures
  • Toilets & surrounding area
  • Backsplash & counters
  • Sinks & fixtures
  • Baseboards
  • Fireplace: remove debris & vacuum
  • Flooring: edge, vacuum, sweep & thoroughly scrub/mop
  • Trash & small personal items left behind: compile, bag & leave for trash service
  • Garage, storage shed & unfinished spaces: remove cobwebs, quick dust & sweep
  • Patio: quick sweep
So the space is move-in ready, we:
  • Open: interior doors
  • Close: cabinets, closets & drawers
  • Match blinds @ 45°
  • Lock up & turn lights out

Optional Move In/Out Cleaning

Optional Cleaning takes can be cleaned on request at any Move In/Out. Opt in to
these extra cleaning tasks during your free consultation.

  • Interior windows
  • Oil application
  • Reachable ceilings
  • Top of cabinets
  • Detail garage shelves & cabinets
  • Mop garage & unfinished spaces
  • Detailed wall cleaning
  • Replace burned out light bulbs (replacements supplied by you)
  • Replace drip pans (replacements supplied by you)
  • Have something in mind but didn’t see it on the list? Just ask

If the property is lived in:   The Clean Bees Standard

Our Standard has been expertly designed to restore balance and harmony to every space. We blend together Essential, Deep, and Optional Cleaning Tasks to comprehensively clean and polish your home or office.

Our free consultation allows us to get to know each other and will help to design your perfect cleaning.

The Essentials, Deep, & Optional Cleaning Tasks

The Essentials

Essential Cleaning tasks are cleaned at every visit.

  • Personal decor items
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Hard furniture
  • Electronics & their cabinets
  • Railings, banisters, & moulding
  • Light switch plates & surrounding areas
  • Doorknobs & surrounding areas
  • Windowsills
  • Spot clean Deep Cleaning Tasks as needed
  • Glass: doors (both sides), mirrors, & spot clean interior windows
  • Pet items: beds, bowls & mats, doors, posts, under and around crates & litter boxes
  • Trash, recycling cans & diaper pails: empty, clean interior, exterior & surrounding area, reline
  • Showers: walls, doors, frames & tracks, curtains, caddies & bottles, grout & fixtures
  • Bathtubs, bathmats & fixtures
  • Toilets, training toilets  & surrounding areas
  • Backsplash & counters
  • Sinks & fixtures
  • Large appliances: visible exterior & interior edges
    • Washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.
  • Small appliances: exterior & and interior when applicable
    • Microwave, toaster, coffeepot, etc.
  • Flooring
  • Special floor standards include:
    • Shake small rugs outside
    • Large rugs: vacuum and fold back to clean under
    • Move small or light furniture & décor to clean under
    • Closet & pantry floors: exposed areas only
    • Vacuum & or sweep
    • Mop: hand mop & edge high traffic areas
So you walk into a harmonious space we:
  • Straighten and organize with intention: tidy, sort, fluff, stack, wrap, stage, tuck, roll, untangle, smooth, face, and match
  • Fold: towels, toilet paper, paper towels, blankets, etc.
  • Leave everything as it should be

Deep Cleaning

An agreed upon number of Deep Cleaning tasks are cleaned at the Initial or One Time Visit. All Deep Cleaning tasks are maintained on rotation with our Standard Service. We choose at least 4 at every visit.

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Return air vents covers (up high & in floor)
  • Ceiling fans & attached lighting
  • Light fixtures (exterior only)
  • High shelving
  • Windows: exposed tracks & frames
  • Doors: frames, doors & tracks
  • Walls & outlet covers: spot clean
  • Cabinet & drawer fronts
  • Blinds
  • Under furniture cushions
  • Baseboards & baseboard heaters
  • Edge floors
  • High clutter areas as per your request

Optional Cleaning

Opt in to this extra level of care during your free consultation. Optional Cleaning Tasks can be cleaned at just the Initial or One Time Visit or can be included at every visit with your Standard Service.

  • Laundry: wash or change sheets, towels, rugs, pet beds, etc.
  • Dishes
  • Stock & refill: toilet paper, paper towels, hand & dish soaps, etc.
  • Commercial clients: order, purchase, & maintain stock
Add on Menu

When the need arises, call our office to book in any task from the Add on Menu. Current clients can request Add-Ons under the scheduling menu of our website. You can add these tasks to your Initial or One Time visit, book them in separately, or tack them onto any Standard Service visit.

  • Houseplants: water &/or rinse
  • Take down light fixtures, wash, replace burned out bulbs
  • Additional laundry: blankets, shower curtains, table cloths
  • Detailed cleaning on kids toys
  • Interior windows
  • Fireplace: remove debris & vacuum
  • Top of cabinets
  • Take down exhaust vent fan cover, wash & wipe fan
  • Detailed wall cleaning
  • Vacuum curtains &/or valances
  • Patio: cobweb, lighting, wash patio furniture
  • Disassemble, sort, clean, and reassemble with intention
    • Closets
    • Pantries
    • Cabinets & drawers
    • Hutches
    • Book shelves
    • Entertainment centers
  • Appliances: (if applicable) behind, under, exterior, & interior
    • Washer & dryer
    • Refrigerator
    • Oven, stove, & range hood
    • Dishwasher
  • Have something in mind but didn’t see it on the list? Just ask