Gift Certificates

Know someone who deserves a little pampering?

How To Gift A Cleaning
  • Email with an answer to these 5 questions
    • Who’s it for?
    • Who’s it from (include your phone number)?
    • The total number of cleaning hours you’d like to gift
      • We sell gift certificates for a fixed amount and work out with the recipient how they would like to allocate the time
      • You can buy hours at a rate of $35/hour, for example 5 hours =$175, 10 hours=$350, 15 hours= $525 and so on…
    • To gift wrap accordingly, what’s the occasion?
    • What’s the address to mail the gift certificate (to you or them)?
  • Drop a check in the mail for the total number of hours purchased x $35/hr, please say “Gift Certificate” in the memo section
  • We’ll get your gift in the mail within 24 hours
  • Pat yourself on the back, you’ve just given the best gift. We’ll spoil them silly!

Gift Stamp